Clash of Queens: Light or Dark App Reviews

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Pay to win

Pretty standard pay to win however the customer service is decent the game has tons of ways to get strong without paying 6000000$ like some people. I like it at least


I have 2 castles and it updated and now I can not get into my game and the in app purchases are forfeit they will not get back to me or fix it so I can play they will take your money and run do not pay for anything they will rip you off

Clash of money

All they want is money. If you don’t pay your account gets frozen till you do. Don’t waste your time or money on it.

Can’t access account

I use to play this game all the time, I got pretty far, I deleted it because I got too busy to play but now when I want to play it again its asking for a password, I don’t remember the password, or remember making one, and now I can’t get into the account.


please please set the Kosovo flag we so many members in game and we want to have our flag please 🇽🇰🇽🇰

Clash of queen

Very good game I think I will play for a while.



Great Game but severely unbalanced

I have played this game for many years and have to say it has become severely unbalanced between the players that spend a large amount of money and players that are playing casually. Over the last year there are constant updates involving equipment or heroes that at this point are required to be competitive. The problem is you are looking at spending about 500-750 dollars just for those 3 or 4 items. This doesn’t include research or building upgrades, etc. It has eliminated any benefit to being a regular player logging in daily and showing loyalty to the game. It is only about how much you are willing to spend, if you are that type of player it is a great game, however, if you are not a big money player you are basically going to end up being a farm for those players.

iOS users are Limited to binding

Y’all should make a binding slot for email for people with iPhones the Facebook thing is hard to go between accounts plus you gotta create Facebook accounts to do it.


Trate de darle una segunda oportunidad después de meses no jugarlo pero solo me llevo mas disappointments. No llevo ni dos dias jugando y ya han tenido 3 mantenciones. Si tienes algun problema mejor olvidate de tu castillos por que jamas lo arreglan y te responden puras incoherencias. Fue bueno en algun momento pero solo problemas tiene ahora. Mejor terminenlo de una vez y saquen uno mejor sin tantos bugs y con gente que realmente te ayude a solucionar los problemas :( 👎🏼

Money is all they want

I play this game all the time. Anytime you have an issue they do not respond for days. The worst at resolving issues their game causes. Including losing gold I paid for then the game crashes we all get kicked for “maintenance” and they give me lies about spending earlier in the day before the purchase of the pack. My suggestion if you play don’t spend your own money. But be prepared to lose everything you work for, because they don’t balance out the battles. So those that spend money will always win and you will lose guaranteed every time.


Why always I late getting new update 🤤🤤 Always after all I get new update 😂😂


This game is awesome so much to do and highly addictive

Took away valentines reward!

Spent money ant time on this app to fulfill the black belt quest and the reward I get is the developer taking away prizes won with lot of hard work and money spent. They don’t care about the players but just to make money and forget about anyone. Stay away if you don’t want to get ripped off.

Valentines package

Why did you get rid of the event for the Valentines package that cost 35,000 gold. I had a hard time moving on the black belt and now I can’t get off and I don’t get no package.I am only rating 2 stars for taking off package if you add it back I will rate what you should get 5 stars.

Fix this please

Recently with the snow city event, I have not been able to receive the third reward (the one I need most) for any snow city that I occupy. Please address this issue as soon as possible.

Game is geared to the big spenders!

If you are not willing to throw $1000’s at this game, don’t waste your time! It takes over $5000 US to upgrade a castle to lvl 30 and to max it out you’ll need $1000’s more!


Your game is boring


Its all about make money

A few issues

Hey guys!!! I really love this game, but the past couple of days it's been acting a little buggy. It reloads the game every time I switch between apps, which isn't a huge deal but it becomes a little annoying when I'm trying to switch between COQ and something else such as iMessage.

Locked out

After installing the newest update which required me to uninstall and reinstall the game I am no longer able to access the game. It is asking me for a password that I have never set up to begin with. If you do not reverse this problem you will lose a player.

Okay I guess

When I first got the game things are okay. But there’s a glitch or something where it wants me to tap something but I can’t tap anything. And on a group chat I saw some strange things I think I saw some people... well flirting? I don’t know what to call it



Update, now needs password?

Great! Just what I need, another password to remember,

Great game


Company no response

Spend your money playing a game, then you switch accounts and it loses your account. Ok - glitch? But the company does NOT help you or even responds to you. Great job ELEX Wireless. Rip off company.

Fun game but unbalanced

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. One complaint is the unbalanced nature of the battles. No matter how much upgrading and training is completed the castle is especially vulnerable to attack by players with 100+ times more power. 3 times attacked with total loss but the attacker had no losses. Zero! It’s ridiculous and I see players quitting every day.

Switching to other account is broken

I’d give more stars, but your options to bind your account so you don’t lose it, is actually redundant. I am Iphone user my option is Facebook and Game Center that’s it. I have 2 for Facebook and one for Game Center. But the difficult part is switching between both my Facebook castle accounts. The ability to switch is gone! I have lost multiple bound castles because the page to switch is gone and they don’t care! And cheating is allowed no matter what the rules say.

Support is nonexistent. Very frustrating!

No support at all. My game stats are so messed up. No one responded to my issues

Excellent Game!

I love this game. I would like to be able to collect rrs easier... it takes way too much rrs to upgrade to higher levels. Besides that, I love this game!! I must say, I have been playing this game for over a year now and never get tired of it!!

Couples and gods equpiment

Not working


So so


I love how the game is

Good Play

Having fun with the game needs to be more user friendly.

Gold event announcement and cross kingdom megaphones

Please remove the ability to do cross kingdom megaphones. They clutter up kingdom chat with their love issues and stupid comments. Also please get rid of the gold party announcements from other kingdoms. Kingdom chats are being overrun with these.


No matter how much money or time you spend on this game no one can ever compete with the Asians!!!! This game is not fair by any means yet, I can't stop playing haha

Clash of Queens ....

I started playing this a few days ago & I fell in love ....this is a beautiful game ....the graphics are stunning , the game makers have thought & planned ahead most games players complain about heavy troop loss & lack of rss & being attacked to much to grow stronger ....Game makers here have helped solve some of these issues or to at least give we the players better option than before ..... I have played GOW , KOA , REVENGE OF THE SULTANS & other MMO games ....this game is the best by far ..... The only complaint I have is the limited # of players in the kingdom is very hard to get a New Alliance going , if you must have a minimum of 40 players to set up your alliance buildings ....This could be improved .....cost of things to upgrade dragons & to make & upgrade equipment is very high also. ......

Clash Of Queens

So far it's a great game!


أجمل لعبة عرفها التاريخ

So many bugs!!!

The amount of glitches I experience is ridiculous and don't even bother asking the help option any questions. I've played the game for a couple weeks and haven't gotten ONE answer.

Fun game

Fun Game Not a rip off

Love this game!

I play this game every it!

This game is

Amazing game

Don't play

This game is a great way to pass the time, but it's completely messed up when it comes to troop power of higher level castles destroying lower level castles. They will not implement a way for the smaller castes to stop being completely destroyed by bigger castles. They just released radiance which is equivalent to prestige in clash of kings. This was a huge mistake on their side. Now there's no way at all to protect yourself. I've spent over 3k on my castle and I still have to shield every day. I have 1.5 million t9 troops and 11m power. A 6m power c30 with 1 troop tier higher troops destroyed my castle in one attack. Killed almost 3m power and over 400k t9 troops. With t10 troops. How is that possible? Their 170k march burned my castle with 1.5 million troops. That definitely shows that no matter how much money you spend, if you don't spend enough, sooner or later you'll get zeroed. This castle 30 was LOWER power than me AND their troop tier was only ONLY level higher than mine and I had 1.3 million more troops and my castle still lost and caught fire. Seems impossible to me. I don't recommend giving these guys your money unless you plan on maxing your castle out in a brand new server. There's always someone spending more than you spend. Support answers decently quick but they never address your question. They always reply with a canned message. I've asked 4 different questions and always get the same slightly altered canned response. This company screwed up clash of kings, and then went and created clash of queens. Queens was amazing, until the newer updates. They completely killed the looks of the castles with their kid drawn castle skins. We want our beautify castles back to how they were and get rid of the ugly wings. This is a war game. Castles don't have WINGS! Then to top it off they add gods. Now there is a god that reduces infantry defense by 50%.... once your infantry die, the rest of your troops get slaughtered. Dumb. My opinion: find a game not made by elex and play it.

Nice game

Need some update for graphics😂 maybe update like 3d?


This new version of coq is crap, game keep crashing. Fix it please. 😝


Great game all around!!! Some quirks but manageable.

Great game but too many hackers

UPDATE: the Chinese hacking of the game is out of control and the devs do nothing about it except "identify potential abusers" with these silly llama heads so we can attack them. What?! How about you manage your own game and stop the cheaters?? Other games permanently ban hacker accounts. But for some reason this development is incapable of doing this. This game is the best of this genre in the AppStore. It has the best graphics and game play compared to the others. But the devs are killing it. UPDATE: Still my favorite mobile game. Has some issues but overall it's been fun. Moved servers and started over, found a great alliance and made awesome friends. Started KvK and it's so much fun! Game still has issues, and it's hacked way too easily by the Chinese... UPDATE: Our server is over run with hacker accounts, and the most powerful alliance (full of bullies hell bent on killing the server) is using these hacker kingdoms. They are literally covering the map.... All level 6 Chinese castles with 2 plots. They disappear when you scout or attack them. I've messaged the devs multiple times, and they are doing nothing about it. Just let us leave the server!!! Even if it costs gold and you can only kingdom port every couple months, it would allow us to get away from a hacker-overrun dying server. Please!!! Compared to all the other games *just like* this one, this game is above and beyond the best. Better gameplay. Better graphics. More to do. Fun events. There have been a few glitches here and there but it seems they are actively trying to fix them. Most recently I've been having issues with the game crashing..... Keep having to delete and reinstall the game just to open it. I hope they fix this soon. Just find a good server that hackers haven't taken over and it will be fun! Really wish we could port between servers for when the hackers take over or if the server dies.... Would make the game last longer. Even if allowed once per 30 days or something to prevent abuse.

Fun game

Wish the individual chat history would fully delete and not save everything that's been said.

Need more players!

In a kingdom that is becoming "dead" couldn't you at least merge two smaller kingdoms together? This game needs to advertise more.. There aren't enough users playing!

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